About Us

Stuart Sorinsky


Stuart Sorinsky’s professional career began in 1969 when he graduated from DePaul University with a degree in accounting. His first job was as the controller of a large box and scrap metal company in Chicago. Then in 1974, he borrowed $5,000 to start a wholesale health and beauty products business, which he built into an $8 million operation. With the advent of huge discount chains like Wal‑mart and K‑mart, however, many of Stuart’s own customers, small independent drug stores, were forced out of business.

When he sold the health and beauty products business in 1988, Stuart decided to transition into public accounting. In order to accomlish this goal, he first studied for his MBA. Having completed this goal, he went on in 1991 to prepare for the CPA exam and became certified. Stuart is a member of the AICPA and the Illinois CPA society. He regularly attends seminars to keep abreast of ever‑changing tax laws and policies in the accounting field.

Because of his extensive background in business and accounting, and experience as an entrepreneur, Stuart is able to provide invaluable expertise in business consulting and management to his clients.


Susan D’Aloia

Senior Accountant/Office Manager

Susan’s experience and specialty is in start-up businesses, small business taxes and accounting, compilations of financial statements, tax planning, QuickBooks support and training, payroll, sales tax, not for profit accounting and taxes. The knowledge and experience she gained as Business and Financial Manager of several small businesses, including her own, gives her a distinct advantage. As a degreed staff accountant, she has worked in public accounting for over ten years, in small and medium size CPA firms, working with various types and sizes of clients – service, retail and non-profit.

With her entrepreneurial viewpoint, she understands the challenges of small businesses and takes great pride in helping clients to understand and manage their accounting needs and challenges.. Throughout her career she has encouraged clients in the benefit of planning ahead rather than addressing issues after the fact. In her pre-public accounting career, she stressed the importance of getting to the cause of a problem rather than just putting on a “Band-Aid”. Susan’s interests are not just preparing accounting and taxes after the fact for clients, but helping them be more efficient and profitable by being proactive with analysis and planning.

Susan’s responsibilities are completing monthly or quarterly general ledger data entry, general ledger analysis, bank reconciliations, adjusting journal entries, running “live” payroll and payroll tax deposits, all required quarterly and annual payroll returns, sales tax returns and providing QuickBooks support and training for clients.

As Office Manager, Susan also handles the administrative duties of Sorinsky & Associates, Inc. She coordinates client billing, managing additional staff when needed during tax season and keeping the office running smoothly.